Just Enough CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can do wonders for customer-oriented operations, coalescing all customer records in one place, facilitating communications with customers, and enabling valid and timely customer feedback throughout the enterprise. Published by Yourdon Press, Just Enough CRM is a practical guidebook for executives, managers, and individual contributors who need a roadmap on how to select and implement CRM systems efficiently and successfully

Just Enough CRM focuses on mid-sized implementations for companies that have between $10 million and $500 million in revenues. Very large companies will typically require much more in-depth process analysis, while smaller companies can make do with simple, off-the-shelf packages, unless they are planning a rapid expansion.

It includes checklists and guidelines to make sense of vendors’ pitches, guide implementation projects, and allow readers to create their own custom checklists.


In over 300 pages, Just Enough CRM covers:

  • Auditing CRM systems
  • Assembling a successful CRM team
  • Creating CRM requirements
  • Shopping for a CRM tool
  • Negotiating a successful purchase
  • Selecting an integrator
  • Implementing a CRM solution
  • Measuring CRM success
  • Rescuing a failed project

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