Françoise Tourniaire

francoise TourniaireFrançoise Tourniaire is the founder and owner of FT Works, a consultancy firm that helps technology companies create and improve their support operations. She has over 20 years’ experience as a Support and Services executive. Prior to founding FT Works in 1998, she was the Vice President of Worldwide Service at Scopus, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool manufacturer. Before that, she held executive and other positions with Intel, and with Sybase and Ingres, both database manufacturers.

Her areas of expertise include: designing customer success programs; creating and pricing support offerings; soft skills training for support and customer success professionals; creating staffing models; selecting support tools; designing effective metrics and dashboards; and conducting assessments of support organizations.

She is a frequent contributor to support industry newsletters and conferences. She is the author of The Art of Software Support, a practical guide to running software support operations, Just Enough CRM, a business manager’s blueprint to selecting and implementing CRM systems, Collective Wisdom: Transforming Support through Knowledge, a handbook for enlightened knowledge management in support organizations, and Selling Value, a guide to creating, marketing, and selling support packages.

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Paris, France, and a Ph.D. in Math and Science Education from the University of California at Berkeley.

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