The Smarter Support Bookstore SM

The Smarter Support BookstoreSM is a comprehensive set of books and e-books written for support professionals that cover all aspects of support, whether you’re just starting out or you have decades of experience.


The Art of Support NEW – the second edition of the classic blueprint for managing customer success and support. Now out and available!

Collective Wisdom –  a guide to managing knowledge in support organizations.

Selling Value – everything you always wanted to know about designing and selling support packages

E-Books about Customer Success

Smarter Customer Success NEW – from strategy definition to customer segmenting, to implementation, a  guide for starting a Customer Success program and organization

Smarter Customer Success Hiring NEW – a complete methodology and 300+ pre-tested interview questions for hiring CSMs and TAMs

E-Books about Support

Smarter Support Strategy –  how to use the Five Layers of Support ArchitectureSM to foster strategic thinking in your organization

Smarter Support Budgeting – a hands-on guide to support staffing models & budgets, with 4 templates for different types of support organizations

Smarter Support Hiring – a complete methodology and 585+ pre-tested interview questions for hiring support engineers/reps/analysts

Smarter Support Hiring II – Hiring Support Managers – methodology and 566 interview questions for hiring managers and directors

Smarter Support Metrics – a complete guide to creating meaningful metrics for operations of all sizes

Smarter Support Rollouts – all you need to get ready for a new product, release, or process.

Smarter Support Escalations – managing support escalations to make customers happy while keeping your staff sane

Smarter Support Outsourcing – everything you need to select a good outsourcer and manage it for the long-term

A Smarter Start – the blueprint for creating new support organizations from the ground up

E-Books from the Classic Collection

20+ Ways to Cut Support Costs – cut costs while maintaining customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction

Best Practices for Quality Monitoring – a structured methodology to increase customer satisfaction

Best Practices in Self-Service Support – 12 steps to increase customer satisfaction and cut costs by letting customers help themselves

Don’t Play Go Get a Rock: A Complete Guide for Flawless Technical Support Skills – 22 winning techniques to increase customer satisfaction and productivity

Just Enough CRM –  the hands-on, no-fluff guide to selecting and implementing CRM systems that work

One Big, Happy, Multicultural Family? – managing global teams to serve customers in their own time zones and their own languages, and at a lower cost

Training Programs that Work – cost-effective strategies for global organizations