The Art of Software Support

Are you a newly promoted support manager with plenty of ideas, but not much management experience? Have you been a support manager for a while, but are curious to see whether there are any good ideas out there that you could implement? Are you an executive with no direct support experience, but willing to learn and concerned with best practices? Are you trying to raise customer satisfaction and staff morale while keeping costs down?

Published by Prentice Hall, The Art of Software Support is a practical guide for support managers and executives that has answers to your questions.

  • It helps you prioritize what to do first
  • It highlights best practices in all support areas, from designing support packages to running operations to measuring results
  • It gives you practical tools you can use right away: from process flows to sample schedules to goals and objectives
  • It gives pros and cons for typical support dilemmas (selecting a support models, outsourcing, specialization) so you can choose the strategy that matches your customers’ requirements and your resource constraints
  • It suggests strategies for implementing changes and new strategies, not just theoretical discussion
  • You can use it as a reference book and as a self-learning tool
  • It shows you how to demonstrate the value of support within your company  


In 336 pages, The Art of Software Support covers:

  • Support models, including escalation management
  • Support operations, including off-hours support
  • Metrics
  • Packaging and selling support
  • Structuring the support organization
  • Managing support staff including setting goals and retention tips
  • Support tools selection and management
  • Support budgets

This book is no longer available. Please visit this page for the new version.

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