The 10 Commandments of Support Pricing

Are you struggling to make a profit on severely discounted support sales? Are you implementing new fee-based offerings but are not sure how to price them? Or are you faced with out-of-control “negotiations” on support terms and pricing that feel more like pitched battles between Support and Sales?

10 commandments of Support Pricing is the answer.

  • Get results in one hour or less. By investing one hour to read the booklet, you will have a practical action plan for raising support revenues tomorrow and in the weeks ahead. A great return on your time investment!
  • Increase your support revenue by 10, 20, even 50% by applying the simple techniques shown in the booklet. Since support revenue is an annuity, the benefits keep increasing yearly.
  • Improve relations with the sales force. No more fights about support pricing means you can concentrate on more positive pursuits such as delivering better support to customers
  • Use the booklet to educate other stakeholders such as sales reps and company executives on the industry’s best practices around support pricing.
  • Recover from pricing mistakes, yours or others’, with practical suggestions for transitioning to new pricing structures.

If you’re trying to maximize support profits from the other perspective, minimizing cost, you’ll want to use the booklet entitled 20+ Ways to Cut Support Costs. Same great value, different focus!


In ten information-packed pages, The 10 Commandments of Support Pricing booklet includes

  • A succinct, step-by step method for creating and pricing support packages, controlling support discounts, and managing support renewals. You will be able to find opportunities for improvement throughout the entire support sales cycle. And you can start with only a few initiatives without being locked into a rigid system.
  • Real-world strategies, tested in dozens of technology companies, and over many years. Since support is an annuity, brilliant gimmicks are not enough; you need strategies that can endure for the long-term.
  • Recommendations on when to use or avoid specific strategies so you can make well-informed decisions for your particular situation.
  • Win-win approaches for the support team, the sales force, and customers. Yes, it’s possible to maximize support revenue while maintaining and increasing a high degree of cooperation within the company and a high level of customer satisfaction.
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